​Services dans la numérisation et archivage des collections photographiques argentique

Neg Contact ​

Gard, France

Services in the digitizing of negatives, slides, photographs and glass negatives.


Hand Delivery in the Gard

-to Nimes, St Ambroix, and Alès. We will do our best to accommodate hand delivery requests. These deliveries will be made to mutually decided meeting points.

Deliveries will be made within 5 days of completion of the order. 

for orders under 100Euros there will be a charge of 15Euros for hand delivery.

for orders over  100Euros there will be a charge of 10Euros for hand delivery.    

for orders over 300Euros      -   free

All Orders are shipped from our France location.

COLISSIMO NATIONALE (delivery in 48hours)

Destination: Metropolitan France 

Packages up to 0,25 kg - (signature required) -  6,16€ht 

Packages from 0,25 - 0,50kg - (signature required) - 9,97€ht

COLISSIMO ACCESS OUTRE-MER (delivery in 5-7/ 7-10 working days)

​Destination: France's overseas departments - Zone OM1 / Zone OM2

Packages up to 0,50kg - (signature required) - 12,43€ht / 18,25€ht

COLISSIMO EXPERT INTERNATIONAL (delivery in 3-5 working days)

Destination: UK, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Austria

Packages up to 0,50kg - (signature required) - 11,19€ht

Destination: USA, Canada

Packages up to 0,50kg - (signature required) - 20,20€ht

For all destinations, insurance option of 0,90€ht/per declared value of 150€.

Please contact us for destinations not listed.